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Job Description

As an Event Steward for G4S, you could get involved in securing important and exciting large scale events such as sporting events, festivals and music concerts.  You would be responsible for ensuring the safety and security of people and premises at such gatherings by providing a highly visible security presence, carrying out foot or vehicle patrols, controlling people’s access at points of entry, securing equipment and people, responding to emergency situations and helping to identify and prevent criminal activity.

Role and responsibilities

This is typically a temporary, casual and / or part time role - flexibility is essential as many events may take place in the evenings or at weekends  outside of normal working hours. You may be required to travel to attend different venues depending on where the event is taking place.

The types of activities you could be doing include:

  • Presenting at all times, a smart, alert and visible security presence at the event venue
  • Carrying out pre and post event safety checks ensuring compliance with safe working procedures
  • Greeting, assisting  and directing people attending the event
  • Searching people attending events (bag and body)
  • Ensuring that no prohibited or restricted items are taken into the secured zones within the venues
  • Monitoring crowd movements and behaviour to identify potential issues or incidents and to take action as necessary
  • Dealing with crowd disruptions (sometimes involving physically removing people where necessary)
  • Hospitality duties in licenced areas
  • Reporting any security incidents or concerns and dealing with emergency situations

Skills and experience

Ideally, we’re looking for people with

  • A checkable personal history including periods of education, employment, travel and unemployment
  • Prior experience of working within a similar stewarding role or someone who is confident following specific procedures and instructions
  • A valid security industry licence or accepted certificate of security competence
  • Understanding of the events industry
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Good customer service skills
  • Attention to detail and alert to any changes that may indicate an increased security risk or unusual situation
  • Experienced in interacting with people from different backgrounds, including dignitaries and VIPs on occasions.

Salary and benefits

G4S offers employees the opportunity to work at well known events with market appropriate salary and benefits, and career opportunities to develop to more senior levels in our organisation.

Typical interview questions

During interview your suitability for the role you are applying for will be assessed based on your skills and experience.  Below are some example questions you may be asked:

  • Describe your current / most recent role
  • Why did you leave / why are you leaving?
  • What interests you about working for G4S?
  • What interests you about this role?
  • What skills and experience do you have that would make you a great Event Steward?
  • If you were working at an event and someone you knew insisted on gaining entry without a ticket what would you do?
  • If you are working at a large event where there is a rowdy crowd, what steps could you take to make sure the event does not become chaotic?
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