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Diversity and Inclusion at G4S USA

G4S is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. Year after year, we revise our Affirmative Action Plan to make sure we recruit, hire and promote all personnel without regard to race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, ancestry, medical condition, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information or other factors protected by applicable law.

Also, it's part of our policy to hire and promote personnel with disabilities to any positions for which they are qualified. We are also committed to hire and promote qualified disabled veterans, recently separated veterans, Active Wartime or Campaign Badge Veterans, and Armed Forces Service Medal veterans. All employment decisions are based only on valid job requirements.

Our goal is to treat everyone equally. We not only comply with all civil rights laws, but also encourage everyone in our organization to recognize the value of diversity. Our company employs people around the world; G4S has created a global community through our inclusion efforts. We are committed to recruiting, hiring, training and promoting employees of all races, ethnic groups, religions, ages, the qualified able and disabled, and men and women as an essential part of our future success. We create an environment where we promote inclusion, respect and appreciation for diversity and for the different cultures you will find within G4S.

If you have any questions regarding Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action or Diversity and Inclusion, or have difficulty using the online system and require an alternate method to apply, please contact our Corporate Human Resources Department at (800) 506-6265.

State Security Officer Licensing Authorities

Many states require that security officers be licensed. Information about licensing requirements for G4S Security Officers may be obtained by contacting your local G4S Secure Solutions office or from your State’s licensing authority listed below. (Please note: Licensing requirements can change, and we strive to have the most up-to-date information listed here.)

Security Officer licensing authorities by state.

Federal and State Employment Law Posters

G4S is committed to the spirit and intent of all laws pertaining to the rights of our applicants and employees. Click here to view your state’s required employment law poster: State and Federal Posters

Protected Military Veterans

G4S is committed to hiring Protected Military Veterans, to learn more about who qualifies as a Protected Military Veteran please click here: Am I a Protected Veteran?


We provide support to public and private community programs dedicated to achieving Equal Employment Opportunity objectives. Our partnership with these organizations supports our efforts to recruit people of all races, ethnic groups, religions, ages, qualified able and disabled, men and women, veterans and non-veterans.

When our local offices post their open positions, these positions are also featured on more than 100 diversity partner websites. These websites, include 55 Alive!, Ability Links, African American Jobs, Asian Jobs, Disability Jobs, Gay Jobs, Hispanic Jobs, Retirement Jobs, Veterans Enterprise and Women Work! Using these resources we can target the largest possible pool of diversity candidates possible.


Since early 2007, more than 1,000 employees (representing 152 offices throughout the nation) involved in the selection and placement process have participated in our web-based Affirmative Action Training Program, dedicated to the purpose of Affirmative Action statistical analysis of our hiring process, personnel actions, and workforce utilization.  The six-hour webinar, conducted by the Corporate Human Resources team members covers the following topics: Department of Labor Regulations, History of Affirmative Action, Effective Outreach Programs and Recruiting, Basic Qualifications, Record Keeping and Reporting and various types of statistical analyses. Participants in the program include human resources team members as well as line and senior management.

Our enhanced Equal Employment Opportunity web-based training provides an even greater understanding of civil rights legislation to our field supervisors/managers. Rather than focusing on the statistical analysis of our workforce, this program provides team members with the necessary skills to be superior leaders, operating within the parameters of employment laws and utilizing best management practices in our highly diverse worker population.

Measuring Our Success

We believe that diversity and inclusion is an integral part of our culture; in fact, it is an important element of our core values. Clear policies and procedures outlining our commitment are fundamental to being an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. We believe in the word “action” in its truest sense. Through training and outreach programs, coupled with ongoing monitoring and statistical analyses of our progress, we are not just meeting, but exceeding our diversity goals.

Supplier Diversity – Minority and Women-Owned Businesses

Since the formalization of our diversity program in 1990, G4S has been dedicated to increasing the amount of economic opportunities for diverse suppliers. Our commitment to the implementation and administration of these initiatives has resulted in the formation of joint ventures, partnerships, and diverse supplier subcontracting relationships across the country. G4S measures the success of these initiatives in terms of the impact our spending has in the creation of jobs, the increase and distribution of wealth within our communities, and the overall increase in spending with diverse supplier partners. G4S continues to broaden the inclusion of diverse suppliers in our daily purchasing decisions for services and commodities; in this way, we proudly support and utilize many minority and women-owned businesses throughout the organization today.

Goal Statement

G4S affirms its commitment to building strong, healthy communities across the country by maintaining an active role in facilitating the growth and development of minority and women owned businesses (M/WBEs). Several methodologies are in place to implement and monitor the company’s individual and shared goals with its business partners.


G4S is dedicated to increasing the amount of economic opportunities for M/WBEs.  This will be accomplished by actively seeking certified M/WBEs to bid and compete for goods and services contracts and by sharing increased business opportunities with minority and women-owned businesses.

G4S will continue to broaden the inclusion of M/WBEs in our daily purchase decisions for services and commodities. These include:

  • security services labor
  • uniforms & accessories
  • printing & advertising
  • weapons & ammunition
  • office supplies (to include computer products)
  • radios
  • vehicles
  • insurance, and
  • other related business support requirements

G4S will maintain its established long-term partnering relationships with business and government for contracting goals.

G4S is committed to applying its own resources to aid and mentor minority and women-owned vendors into true partners.  The company will provide technical and managerial support and contractual oversight initiatives to include:

  • Business planning
  • Bidding processes
  • Contractual audits
  • Training assistance
  • Payroll funding, if required
  • Supervision and line support
  • Business referrals
  • Technical Quality Processes
  • Assistance to make volume purchases for in-house needs
  • Support in obtaining financing

Our commitment to the implementation and administration of these initiatives has resulted in the formation of joint ventures, partnerships, and M/WBE subcontracting relationships across the country. The success of these initiatives is measured in terms of the broader impact spending has in the creation of jobs, the increase and disbursement of wealth within our communities, and the overall increase in spending with M/WBE partners.  Today, G4S is proudly utilizing hundreds of minority and women-owned businesses throughout the organization.

G4S has achieved remarkable success in furthering its goals with a Minority Business Development Program. Since 1995, G4S has subcontracted between seven percent to 10 percent of its business to minority or women-owned security firms.  This led to G4S receiving the “Primary Vendor of the Year” award for M/WBE subcontracting participation and administration for a high profile client in 1999.

M/WBE Identification

As stated previously, G4S is dedicated to increasing the amount of economic opportunities for M/WBEs and we accomplish this by actively seeking certified M/WBEs to bid and compete for goods/services contracts and by sharing increased business opportunities.  The organizations we currently utilize to identify M/WBEs include:

  • National Minority Supplier Development Council
  • Regional Affiliate Councils
  • CCR.gov
  • SBA.gov Dynamic Small Business Search
  • City, County and State MBE Development Agencies

The following methods are utilized to identify opportunities for M/WBEs:

  • Review of new and existing contracts for products and service that can be sourced to diverse suppliers
  • Examine the database of diverse suppliers to match diverse supplier capabilities with procurement opportunities and needs
  • Conduct searches utilizing City, County, State, Federal, and Minority Council databases to identify and solicit potential diverse suppliers
  • Attend business opportunity workshops, seminars, tradeshows, and conferences as well as participate in matchmaking and networking opportunities
  • Contact diverse supplier trade shows
  • Maintain close liaison with minority and small business associations


G4S has the ability to assist its customers in providing administrative support to include:

  • Identification of potential M/WBE subcontractors
  • Coordination of and ensuring due diligence records are on file
  • Monitoring dollar volume for M/WBE activity on the account


G4S can provide detailed reports on M/WBE subcontracting activity on the account.  These reports can provide information on the type of M/WBE business, the commodity or service provided and dollar volume.


Required Notice to Candidates

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ARRA Whistleblower Protection Poster

POL-0112m EEO is the Law Federal Contractor Supplement 09-2015

Sexual and Workplace Harassment Policy

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