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Looking for a new career in Care & Justice?

Care & Justice Jobs

G4S Care & Justice Services is a pioneering provider of critical services delivering a wide range of services to central and local governments and their agencies, regulatory bodies, UK police forces and the private sector. 

Our Care and Justice business is concentrated in the UK and Australia and provides custody and detention, rehabilitation, education, employment, electronic monitoring, immigration and borders, police back office support, secure healthcare and non-urgent patient transport services. One of the most rewarding and challenging roles is that of a Prison Officer or Prisoner Custody Officer - a pivotal role in making sure that the prison and it’s prisoners are safe and secure as well as assisting with prisoner rehabilitation. 

G4S is also a provider of critical primary and forensic healthcare services for the public and private sectors and provides healthcare services within police custody suites and other secure environments, caring for detainee health needs and supporting the collection of forensic samples. 

We employ registered nurses, paramedics and sexual assault nurse examiners to care for the detainees. Our professional ambulance drivers transport patients to and from hospital safely, comfortably and on time. In the UK we work in partnership with NHS Trusts for the benefit of patients and to provide a high quality service.  

The opportunities for a long term career in Care and Justice Services are many and diverse. From call centre operatives supporting employees back into work, those transporting patients safely to and from hospital, to prison officer - one thing that these roles have in common is that they are hugely rewarding and are making a real difference to people’s lives.

Care & Justice job roles