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Cash Solutions Jobs

Our Cash Management Solutions business has expertise in cash and valuables transportation, cash processing, ATM and cash centre outsourcing, secure storage and retrieval. 

One of the more recognisable images of G4S Cash Solutions is of our fleet of armoured vehicles carrying out cash deliveries and collections for customers around the globe. We employ cash in transit drivers and crews, who are highly trained security professionals - they undertake collections and deliveries for banks, retailers and corporate clients. 

They are supported by our call centre operatives in our control centres, operations co ordinators and dedicated customer service teams. We also operate a network of national cash centres, where our cashiers count the bank notes, coin and cheques that we collect from customers. Cash is then recycled, packaged and distributed to our customers by our cash processors. 

Our ATM solution comprises of a range of services aimed at maximising ATM availability at the same time as optimising cash utilisation. Specialist ATM engineers maintain the ATMs and are at the heart of this service. 

We also invest in technology and sell cash-management systems to banks and retailers, which combine skilled professionals with software, hardware and operational support in an integrated, managed service. To fully support our technology-led cash management solutions, we employ experienced installation engineers, software and system engineers.

Cash Solutions job roles