Looking for a new career in Project Management?

Project Management Jobs

A strong project management capability is essential if we are to realise our strategic ambitions, deliver on our customer promises, continue to grow the business and to innovate.  

As a project manager at G4S, one of the main aspects of your role will be to look after and manage various stakeholders. Whether it's other project staff, company directors, community stakeholders or suppliers, you'll be working around people all the time. As such, your relationship management and communication skills need to be second to none.

The basic principles of project management include planning, organising, securing, controlling, leading, and managing resources and tasks to achieve specific business goals. Delivering on time and to budget, is essential.

With the wide variety of unique projects and opportunities at G4S, you could find yourself working on a huge national infrastructure project one year and a business transformation the next - projects spanning numerous sectors, businesses and locations. Project management opportunities like these are highly sought after, as are talented professional and highly experienced project managers.