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Operations Room Manager Kabul TBC

Operations Room Manager

Location: Kabul |
Salary: TBC |
Posted: 1 Mar 2021 |
Closes: 31 May 2021 |
Job Type: Permanent & Full-time |
Business Unit: Asia & Middle East - Corporate |
Region / Division: Asia and Middle East |
Reference: G4S/TP/6762318/206322

Role Responsibility:

a. Report to the Project Manager;
b. Will be fully integrated with Mission operations;
c. Must be familiar with the Track 24 system and be able to brief staff on procedure. Must be able to use the software to monitor Private Security Company (PSC), local driver moves, Ambassador’s movements, and any other movements as required;
d. Must be able to communicate using standard military radio procedures and protocol;
e. Must have extensive knowledge of Afghanistan and its various regions and provinces;
f. Must have in-depth knowledge of the geography of Kabul and current route terminology;
g. Must have knowledge and experience using latest IT applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint;
h. Must have excellent communications skills both in written and oral English;
i. Will manage and coordinate the operations room as required;
j. Will maintain continuous records of all incidents in Kabul and must be able to provide clear and concise briefings of security situations to the Project Manager, Project Authority (or delegates), and other persons as required
k. Will conduct weekly reports, disseminated to the Project Authority (or delegates), on the status of security equipment at the Embassy and report training of operators.

l. Will manage and oversee contracted drivers and vehicle dispatch (for all contracted and embassy drivers) ensuring the maintenance of detailed record of movements of all CBS and Locally Engaged Staff (LES);
m. Be incorporated into the QRF and Mobile Support Team, as required;
n. Armed and must contribute to the defense of the embassy during an emergency.

The Ideal Candidate:

Ideally French/English speaking

a. Minimum of 6 years’ military/police/law enforcement experience in a NATO member country and/or UKUSA Agreement Alliance signatory;
b. Minimum rank of NATO equivalent OR 6 and honorable discharge;
c. Minimum of 24 months’ experience in an area of active conflict, including at least 24 months’ experience in Kabul, Afghanistan;
d. Minimum of 12 months’ experience as an Ops Room Manager.

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