Flexi Forensic Medical Examiner Norfolk £30.65

Flexi Forensic Medical Examiner

Location: Norfolk |
Salary: £30.65 |
Posted: 7 Dec 2018 |
Closes: 1 Feb 2019 |
Job Type: Permanent & Part-time |
Business Unit: Health Services |
Region / Division: UK & Ireland |
Reference: 7338

Role Responsibility:

Forensic Medical Examiner


Flexi : 07:00 - 19:00

£30.65 per hour

Job Outline 

The FME must ensure that all police calls are attended promptly at any time of the day or night according to shift. It shall be the FME responsibility to make themselves available and are able to attend to the call within the given time constraints.




For all examinations the FME must accurately document findings. If required the FME must produce these as a written report for appropriate civil, criminal courts or other agencies. Whenever called upon to do so by the Police, the FME must attend at any Court (remunerated by the CPS) for the purpose of giving evidence.




  • Assessment/Treatment of illnesses and injuries, risk assessment
  • Determination of fitness to be detained/released/charged/transferred/interviewed in custody
  • Advise that an independent person is required to ensure rights for the vulnerable or mentally disordered
  • Comprehensive examination to assess a person’s ability to drive a motor vehicle, in general medical terms and related to alcohol and drug misuse
  • Assessment of alcohol and drug intoxication and withdrawal and to retrieve blood samples under the Road Traffic Act / Blood samples from a patient in hospital
  • Undertake intimate body searches for drugs
  • Documentation and interpretation of injuries
  • Documentation of injuries
  • Assess and treat personnel injured while on duty e.g. Police personnel including needle stick injuries
  • Examine Victims and Assailants in alleged police assault
  • Take forensic samples
  • Examination and forensic sampling of persons suspected of serious crime
  • Pronounce life extinct at scene of death and undertake preliminary advisory role
  • Undertake mental state examinations whether informal or under the Mental Health Act
  • Examine alleged child victims of neglect or physical or sexual abuse
  • You may be required to carry out examinations suitable to your specific specialist skills
  • Provide telephone support and advice to healthcare professionals and or any representative of a police force​

Management of sexual offence victims or complainants

  • Documentation and interpretation of injuries
  • Take forensic samples
  • Examine adult complainants of serious sexual assault and the alleged perpetrators
  • Examine alleged child victims of neglect or physical or sexual abuse

Further Responsibilities

  • To carry out examinations in accordance with G4S Medical Services guidelines
  • To work within the scope of your professional registration
  • All police calls should be attended without delay
  • Arrival times, assessment start and end time should be confirmed via the HCP line
  • The FME must always remain to be seen as impartial, independent and without bias
  • To be available for court attendance when requested
  • To submit statements within 7 days of the request
  • To treat the detained person as a patient and make clear that no evidence can be treated in confidence
  • You must complete any form of documentation whether written or electronic are required from time to time by the Police or G4S Forensic and Medical Services

FME Duties

  • To work outside the scope of the National Health Service, in providing a service to police for G4S Health Support Services.
  • FME must be in the county of work at the start of shift and remain in the county until the end of shift unless otherwise direct by the Call Centre.
  • FMEs must not perform any duty that immediately precedes or follows a G4S Shift.

Special Conditions

  • The Forensic Medical Examiner will work in accordance with the current joint publication of the British Medical Association and the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine and follow the principles outlined in the GMC Good Medical Practice.
  • All Forensic Medical Examiners providing services under this contract are deemed to practice as independent medical professionals exercising independent clinical judgment.

Additional Information


All information obtained in the course of the post holder’s duties should be treated as strictly confidential.  Any breach of confidence or disclosure of such information, without express permission, may lead to disciplinary action.  The post holder has a responsibility to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Code of Practice on Confidentiality. 


The duties of this post are a guide to the range of responsibilities that may be required.  These may change to meet the needs of the service.


The post holder is required to take responsible care for the health and safety of him/herself and other persons who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions at work.  The post holder is also required to cooperate with G4S to ensure that statutory and departmental safety regulations are adhered to.


G4S is an Equal Opportunities employer and their aim is to ensure that no applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on grounds of gender, religion, race, colour, sexuality, pregnancy, age, disability, nationality, ethnic or national origins, nor should he/she be placed at a disadvantage by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable.


The post holder will be required to undertake any other duties according to the needs of the service.  This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of activities, but rather an outline of the main areas of responsibility.  Any reasonable changes will be discussed and agreed with the post holder before any variations to the job description are made.


Key Competencies: 

  • Flexible approach to work and workload
  • Discretion, confidentiality and integrity
  • Delivering great customer service
  • Acting professionally
  • Supporting and working with others

The Ideal Candidate:

Essential Skills/Knowledge Required: 

  • Good communication
  • Completed FY2
  • License to Practice
  • Medical Indemnity
  • Car plus license to drive
  • Diligence and empathy

Desirable Skills/Knowledge

  • Section 12.2 MHA
  • DFCASA/MFFLM or Associate FFLM
  • General Practice experience
  • Paediatric experience
  • A&E experience
  • Psychiatry experience
  • Gynecology experience

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