Fleet Manager

Location: Lusaka |
Salary: 0.00 - 0.00 |
Posted: 22 Jan 2020 |
Closes: 31 Jan 2020 |
Job Type: Permanent & Full-time |
Business Unit: Zambia |
Region / Division: Africa |
Reference: G4S/TP/4377244/182879

Job Introduction:


Responsible for the efficient running of the company’s fleet of vehicles and to deal with the day-to-day operations of the division.

Role Responsibility:

Core Accountabilities and Responsibilities

  1. Scheduling service and repair programmes in order to ensure that vehicles are kept in working order and that this is achieved in the most cost effective manner.
  2. Provide statistical information on utilisation of vehicles which will help assess appropriateness of different types for the different operations.
  3. To provide advise to user departments on vehicle manufacturers’ guidelines and government legislation covering the running of the business and to ensure that these are not violated.
  4. Provide first line Mechanical Diagnostics which will determine the course of action in solving vehicle problems
  5. Coordinate the installation of Fleet Management Software and ensure that the software is used to manage utilisation of vehicles and monitor driver behaviour
  6. To provide Fleet Replacement and Lifecycle Management advice and coordination in order to ensure that vehicles are not kept longer than their cost effective use permits.
  7. Manage the operations of the in house workshop in order to ensure minimum vehicle down time and that it is run in a cost effective manner
  8. Use computer software to collect and analyse information about the fleet which can be used towards decision making, the information could include:
  • mileage and fuel costs 
  • service schedules and maintenance histories 
  • accident reports 
  • car availability and vehicle locations 
  • the fleet's taxable value, capital value and depreciation rate. 


The Ideal Candidate:


Have a Degree in transport management, logistics, business management, operations management or related field

Minimum of 3 years in transport/fleet management, logistics or related environment.

Be competent with great Negotiating skills; Interpersonal skills & analytical skills and pay attention to detail


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