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Duty/Shift Manager (East London) - G4S Secure Solutions - South Africa East London Market related

Duty/Shift Manager (East London) - G4S Secure Solutions - South Africa

Location: East London |
Salary: Market related |
Posted: 1 Jul 2021 |
Closes: 17 Jul 2021 |
Job Type: Permanent & Full-time |
Business Unit: South Africa - Secure Solutions |
Region / Division: Africa |
Reference: G4S/TP/2716490/198924

Remuneration and benefits will be commensurate with the seniority of the role and in compliance with company remuneration policy and practice.

Job Introduction:

Duty/Shift Manager

G4S has a vacancy for a Duty/Shift Manager based in East London.

Reporting to the Contract Manager, the Duty/Shift Manager is responsible for ensuring the accurate and timely administration/completion of the management process in line with company policies and procedures.

The successful incumbent is a self-starter with a proven track record in maintaining company policy, adopting best practices, and is able to exercise sound judgement in the pursuit of the achievement of the goals of the organisation, and understanding the role which management plays within a successful business unit. The incumbent will be expected to be results driven and to live the values of the organisation.

Role Responsibility:

Induction and Continuity Training

Assisting with the Inducting of new security department employees:                             

  • Company Induction   
  • Company Management, Policy and Procedures                   
    • Company Benefits                  
    • Salary             
    • Leave              
    • Pay deductions                       
    • Performance Evaluations                   
    • Code of Conduct                    
    • Disciplinary Code                   
    • Roster and Shift postings                   
  • Client Induction for Service Provider Introduction to Client            
    • Introduction to Service Provider Seniors                   
    • Site Orientation                     
    • Rules and Regulations           
    • Documentation and Registers                       
    • Security Aids (equipment)                 
    • Duties and Responsibilities                
    • Post Procedures                     
    • General duties (Access Control)                    
    • Uniform                      
    • Health and Safety

Operations Management

  • Overall responsibility for Shift Leaders, Auxiliaries Leaders and Supervisors   
    • Ensuring that the employees receive the required tools to perform their duties          
    • Overseeing operations when the manager is absent                  
  • Issuing of warnings          
    • According to Client and Company disciplinary code                   
  • Coach, mentor and motivate staff in a fair and consistent manner to achieve goals    
    • Continuity training                       
  • Monthly Planner submitted to Security Manager          
    • Management Control                  
  • Monthly Shift Performance Presentation           
    • Shift Meetings / Client meeting               
  • Daily handing over with Shift Duty Manager      
    • Reporting of Shift performance / duties             
  • Daily Meeting with Security Manager     
    • Reporting of Shift performance / duties             
    • Detail briefing of incidents that occurred and the status of the official registers and relevant documentation                 
    • Detail discussion of all security reports, briefing on serious incidents and handover of the relevant documentation where necessary            
    • Specific reference to special instructions in force and detail on newly issued instructions.            
    • Detail of any disciplinary problems experienced during the shift.                      
  • Daily meetings with Shift Leader / Auxiliaries    
    • Conducts team meetings to update members on best practices and continuing expectations - Reporting of Shift performance / duties             
  • Attend Shift Meetings (Weekly / monthly)          
    • Agenda to be followed and Minutes submitted to Client
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Time Sheets    
    • To be checked and signed off                  
  • Post visits 
    • To monitor post performance, procedure and equipment control                    
  • Attend Shift Parades        
    • Breathalyser testing                     
  • Uniform Inspections                     
  • Discussions: when required                     
  • Late comers                     
  • Hanging of flags               
  • Inspection of equipment  
    • Daily perusal and signing off of Post Inventories            
  • Reporting discrepancies to Security Manager for actioning                   
  • Control Room: Daily Postings and Shift Reports (peruse / signing off)   
    • Discrepancies found / targets not met / procedures not followed – to be actioned     
  • Appropriate level training is provided for all security staff
  • Monthly Training Matrix and tests          
  • Site Procedure Manual  (classroom and practical)                     
  • Reporting of incidents to Security Manager immediately          
    • Incident Report                
  • Security Risk Surveillance External perimeter checks                 
  • Post perimeter checks                 
  • Overseeing Shift Leader / Auxiliaries duties:       
    • Locking of Gates procedure                     
  • Sundays: Scanning units on Rubber Procedure – unit stock download program                       
  • Escorting of scrapped units from Site              
  • Ensure that the training program as planned is executed and that the results are recorded.                  
  • Perform daily spot checks, in accordance with the specifications as set out in the site procedures of the following: 
    • All doors locked where applicable.                     
  • All windows closed and in good state of repair.             
  • Vehicles parked in designated areas only.                      
  • All persons moving on site to openly display an official identification card.                  
  • Fences and perimeter barriers to be undamaged and in a good state of repair.                       
  • No unauthorised persons to move around on site.  When doing spot checks, personal must be in  possession of access cards                      
  • Special Operations where needed        
  • Event planning, BLITZ operations any other function’s that may be required from you from time to time by management.                         

The Ideal Candidate:

Minimum Requirements:

  • National Senior Certificate or Equivalent(Compulsory)                
  • PSIRA Grade B                   
  • Valid driver license: Code 8               
  • CLEAR: Personal Credential Verification Report                    
    • Combined Credit check                 
    • Criminal check AFIS           
    • Education: Grade 12                      
    • PSIRA                      
  • Recognized Security experience                    
  • Previous Management experience                
  • Experience in people management and high levels of leadership skills, communication and engagement skills                  
  • Fluent in English: reading and writing                       
  • Disciplinary knowledge and management                                          
  • A good knowledge of the use of information technology                 
  • (Windows 10, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)                


  • Details of placement of personnel and equipment   
  • Monthly Rosters, Daily Postings, ADHOC and post requirements                
  • Channel of reporting and communication with the Client          
  • Security documentation formats and procedures                
  • Unauthorised Disclosure of Information       
  • Client procedures and practices related to training
  • Training as per SPM procedures and practical training                    
  • Clients expectations on conduct and performance  
    • Policies and Procedures                     
    • Code of Conduct                    
    • Disciplinary Code                   
    • Site Procedure                       
    • Continuity training                 
    • Performance Criteria
  • Fundamentals:                                   
    • Posting Procedures
    • Duties and Responsibilities                
    • Documentation and Registers                       
    • Health and Safety                  
    • Motivation                 
    • Honest reporting                   
    • Punctuality and wellbeing                 
  • Use of Security Aids (Equipment):     
    • Competency Certificates required                
  • Truvelo Speed Radar Machine          
    • Use and Procedure Training              
  • Alcohol Breathalyser Machine           
    • Use and Procedure Training              
  • Kedacom Body Worn Camera           
    • Use and Procedure Training              
  • Weighbridge Training Use of weighbridge program and procedures                                  
  • Radio communication Phonetic alphabet                  
  • Communication Procedures                                      


  • Decision making        
    • Define the problem, finding, comparing and choosing a course of action               
  • Plan and organize      
    • Utilize logical, systematic and orderly procedures to meet objectives                     
  • Problem solving         
    • Think through the problem, evaluate the possible solution and adopt the best possible solution                      
  • Analytical thinking     
    • Identify potential risk and threats and take suitable action             
  • Critical thinking          
    • Analyse and evaluate information gathered from observation and experience and take appropriate action                 


  • Ability to assess risks and take or recommend appropriate action or mitigation                
  • Strong attention to detail, organizational skills and time management abilities required  
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, changing and challenging environment                              
  • Ability to work as part of a team, as well as independently                          
  • Sound judgement and decision making skills
    • Hands on approach                
    • Problem solving                     
    • Remaining calm under pressure                    
    • Take control of incidents                   

About the Company:

G4S is the world’s leading international security solutions group, which specialises in outsourced business processes in sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat. G4S is the largest employer quoted on the London Stock Exchange and has a secondary stock exchange listing in Copenhagen. G4S has operations in more than 125 countries and 657,000 employees. 

G4S operates in over 25 countries in Africa and employs over 105 000 people on the continent. At G4S South Africa, our vision is to be recognised as the leader in providing security solutions. We therefore endeavour to build and maintain a motivated, capable workforce who are proud to work for our region and able to deliver our commercial strategy. We continue to build on the excellent people management practices which are in place across the Group in order to fully engage our workforce. 

G4S is an organisation which is defined by its values, which are:

  • We act with Integrity and Respect - Our business activities and relationships are built on trust, honesty and openness. We do what we promise and always strive to do the right thing. We listen. We treat our colleagues, customers and those in our care with the utmost respect.
  • We are passionate about Safety, Security and Service Excellence - We are passionate about working safely and take great care to protect our colleagues and customers from harm. We are experts in security and use that knowledge to protect our customer’s assets. We keep our promises and are passionate about delivering high levels of customer service.
  • We achieve this through Innovation and Teamwork - We invest in technology and best practice to continuously improve the products and services we offer. We challenge ourselves to find new ways of helping our customers achieve their goals. We work together as a team, valuing everyone’s contribution, to ensure we achieve the best results for our customers and our business.

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