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Drug Detection Dog Handler Wellingborough, United Kingdom 14.26 hourly

Drug Detection Dog Handler

Location: Wellingborough, United Kingdom |
Salary: 14.26 hourly |
Posted: 25 Aug 2021 |
Business Unit: UK Secure Solutions |
Contracted Hours: Full-time |
Employee Status: Permanent |
Reference: 2100026D

The purpose of Drug Detection Dog Handler is to provide a proactive role in the reduction of narcotics and illicit substances in prisons. The Handler will be responsible for the welfare and day to day deployment of a dog team.
Duties and responsibilities

To meet the welfare requirements of the dog(s) in his/her care. For example, feeding, cleaning, grooming, vet visits, administering medications, kennel maintenance, walking etc.
Maintain the working dog(s) through consistent training and monthly continuation training sessions
Search both people and areas as mandated by prison security with a polite, friendly and proactive attitude.
Complete accurate daily search returns and compile monthly reports.
While duties will be predominantly based at HMP Five Wells, Wellingborough, the handler will be required to deploy to different establishments as required.
The chosen candidate will be expected to perform any duties which can be reasonably regarded as incidental to the job description as long as it is within their capability
Undertake and satisfactorily complete all training as directed, maintain the required skill set and eliminate any performance discrepancies which do arise.
Working conditions

Applicants must be able to deal with the unique challenges that working in her majesty’s prison service may present. Handlers will be required to regularly work a variety of shifts week to week, including early starts, evening and weekend work, as well as potential short notice changes to shift times and locations. The role entails working outdoors and managing the welfare of the detection dog(s) both on and off shift.
Physical requirements

The job involves standing and walking for extended periods of time as well as handling the powerful detection dog(s) and fulfilling their welfare needs (walking, grooming, cleaning kennels, basic physical manipulation and examination of the dog(s), administering medications etc.). Applicants must be fit and in good health to be considered for this physically demanding role.  
Direct reports

Daily returns must be completed, and monthly reports completed.
Knowledge, Skills and Experience

Applicants should ideally have:
A minimum of 2 years custodial experience as a PCO  and/or the ability to deal with the unique challenges of working in her majesty’s prison service
A full UK driving license (to enable the transport of prison dog(s) when required) & own suitable vehicle
Excellent written communication that is clear and concise and at least basic computer skills
Good health and fitness to be considered for this physically demanding role. 
An affinity with dogs and an understanding of/interest in dog training and handling
A property with a garden able to house kenneling for a dog(s)
The ability to work without close supervision either alone or as a member of a team of handlers
Common sense, combined with confidence, patience and determination
Problem solving techniques and the ability to formulate sound solutions to problems encountered.
The chosen applicant must pass all relevant training and licensing required for the role
You need to be 18 years or over to apply for this position. 


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