Dispatcher Bangkok THB 259,560


Location: Bangkok |
Salary: THB 259,560 |
Posted: 22 Nov 2018 |
Closes: 28 Feb 2019 |
Job Type: Permanent & Full-time |
Business Unit: G4SI |
Region / Division: Europe |
Reference: G4S/TP/4080552/134865

Job Introduction:

G4S International Logistics (G4SI) are innovators in global and domestic secure transport solutions and we strive on unpredictable challenges faced on a daily basis to meet our client’s needs. Our Mission is to be the partner of choice for large organizations needing very high security solutions to international logistics risk; we achieve this through client and employee engagement and best capabilities. We make every effort to create the best place for the best people valuing skill, knowledge and expertise.

Specialising in door to door secure transportation, insurance, third party logistics, inventory/storage services and risk mitigation we are well known in the industry for our integrity and consultative approach. Banks, financial institutions, governments, mines, diamond cutters, jewellery manufacturers and retailers worldwide rely on us to protect their commercial and reputational risk while optimizing their business operations.

Our team of highly skilled professionals are supported by superior technology and our industry leading security and risk management processes are continuously reviewed and refined in order to adapt to the constantly changing risk landscape.

We maintain a fluid and agile workforce to respond and react to change, always thinking on our feet and applying sound judgement in our decision making. We value our talent and make every effort to create the best place for the best people valuing skill, knowledge, expertise and innovation.

If you think G4Si is the best place for you, we have the following opportunity in our Bangkok Office.

Role Responsibility:

  • Well efficiency assignment of all vehicles both of G4S armoured vehicles and G4SI secured vehicles to all shipment products (included D&J and Commodities) for all domestics, imports and exports.
  • Well organize and control all vehicles to meet customer most satisfaction of on-time collections and deliveries service.
  • To own all vehicles and tasking mechanism and assignment to the crew. None else to be involved or partaken.
  • To ensure no personal mobile phone is used while on duty, except company mobile phones.
  • Running log and daily tasks have not discussed or divulged to the crew until one hour before task assignment.
  • To record the logbook for all incoming and outgoing communication through the phone and radio for training and records.
  • Hourly position checks on all vehicles. This must also be recorded to separated one logbook.
  • Well manage vehicles at all times with less waiting time and overtime cost of service.
  • To complete checks of condition of G4S DV and G4SI vehicles by using the appropriated check list. This must be checked daily on arrival of each vehicle prior to the first task assigned. Check report must be filed on daily basis.
  • If any unusual performance and condition found, immediately address unusual issue with the crew and report and follow up with G4S fleet manager until the issue is solved.
  • To coordinate with G4S to get ad-hoc vehicle in place every time any DV operate to upcountry.
  • Official reserve the ad-hoc vehicle (if required) with G4S in advance at least one working day.
  • Do not reserve ad-hoc vehicle if there is no shipment, no ‘on-request’ service order from customer and no remote upcountry service mentioned on 12).
  • To coordinate with Customer Service section at Silom and Operations section at Airport on daily basis to know well how many import shipment is (included all D&J and Commodities) and then assign all shipment to appropriated vehicle for delivery to designated location. And also do the same with export shipment.
  • To communicate with the crew on all vehicles and make sure they must report the status of collection and delivery of import and export shipment until it get done. And then record all status in the logbook.
  • To complete electronic task assignment to crew mobile scanner via shipping software - OneShip, and confirm the crew must get the task on his mobile for all shipment assigned.
  • To control and make sure all crew must sign-off every day for receipt and return of company asset such as vehicle key, radio, mobile phone, scanner, etc.
  • Daily check G4S Job Sheet of all vehicles, check and make sure the date/time records on all job sheets are the same detail as logbook. Note: It could be one day backward check. But, make sure to get all job sheets back from all vehicles every day.
  • Update all operations staff once a month the list of all crew member and vehicle number with contactable phone number.
  • Other assignment from direct line manager.


  • Closely communicate with all crew.
  • Coordinate with Customer Services Department and Airport Office.
  • Direct report to line supervisor and line manager.

The Ideal Candidate:


  • Good healthy.
  • Carry driving license.
  • Self-alert and active motivation.
  • In code and order.
  • Skills specifically required in relation to the position.

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