Bank Nurse / Paramedic Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk £15.41 per hour

Bank Nurse / Paramedic

Location: Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk |
Salary: £15.41 per hour |
Posted: 23 Jan 2019 |
Closes: 20 Mar 2019 |
Job Type: Fixed & Part-time |
Business Unit: Health Services |
Region / Division: UK & Ireland |
Reference: 7449

Role Responsibility:

G4S Health Services has been one of the leading providers to all justice health environments since 2005. Working across Secure, Custody and Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARC) across the UK, we provide primary care and forensic healthcare to a wide range of patients.

We are recruiting for a Bank Nurse or Bank Paramedic in the Suffolk area.

Benefits as a Nurse/Paramedic:

  • £15.41 per hour 
  • Company pension scheme with employer contributions 
  • Life assurance
  • Employee discount scheme
  • Childcare vouchers
  • O2, Aviva and British Gas discounts

Shifts: Various (24-hour shift rota, days, evenings and night shifts) 

Job Outline:

The Health Care Professional (HCP) must ensure that all police calls are attended promptly at any time of the day or night according to shift. It shall be the HCP responsibility to make themselves available so you are able to attend to the call within the given time constraints. For all examinations the HCP must accurately document findings. If required the HCP must produce these as a written report for appropriate civil, criminal courts or other agencies. Whenever called upon to do so by the Police, the HCP must attend at any Court(remunerated by the CPS) for the purpose of giving evidence.


Requirements as a Bank Nurse or Bank Paramedic:

If unpredictable shift work and long hours are taking their toll, then consider a move into this exciting profession as a (Nurse or Paramedic).  Working in custody requires you to be comfortable working on your own medically and be able to collaborate with various departments, all of whom will rely on your skills and experience to create the best outcome for detainees, officers and victims of crime.

Health Care Professionals Duties
Your duties are to do work outside the scope of the National Health Service, in providing a service to police for G4S Forensic and Medical Services.
Duties following Induction
All of the following will be carried out in accordance with G4S Forensic and Medical Services training, manuals and within the scope of your professional qualifications

  • Assessment/Treatment of illnesses and injuries
  • Determination of fitness to be detained in custody
  • Determination of fitness to be released
  • Determination of fitness to be charged: competent to understand charge
  • Determination of fitness to transfer
  • Determination of fitness to be interviewed by the police detaining body
  • Advise that an independent person is required to ensure rights for the vulnerable or mentally disordered
  • Assessment of alcohol and drug intoxication and withdrawal and to retrieve blood samples under the Road Traffic Act
  • Documentation of injuries
  • Assess and treat personnel injured while on duty (e.g. police personnel),including needle stick injuries
  • Examine victims and assailants in alleged police assaults


To carry out medical and forensic examinations in accordance with G4S Forensic and Medical Services guidelines and at all times within the scope of your professional registration.

  • To attend, whether at a police station or other venue, to carry out such examinations as may be indicated in connection with any incident requiring forensic or medico-legal opinion.
  • All Police calls should be attended without delay
  • You must give confirmation of your arrival time at custody, your start and completion time of assessment using the HCP line (01371 812666) or Text on (07919 562666) additionally notification of delays need to be advised on the same numbers.
  • You must complete any form of documentation whether written or electronic as required from time to time by the Police or G4S Forensic and Medical Services
  • The Health Care Professional whether called by the Prosecution or Defence must always be seen to be impartial, independent and without bias. His/her function is to assist the Court in all relevant medico-legal matters. Every accused person is entitled to good forensic assistance in their defence. Health Care Professionals will make themselves available for attendance at court when requested this might be for several years following a period of service.
  • It is the duty of the Health Care Professional, when requested in writing, to submit statements/reports to the officer in charge of the case. Statement requests should be made via G4S Forensic and Medical Services and a copy of the completed original statement should also be forwarded to G4S Forensic and Medical Services within 7 days. No copy of this document may be given to any other person or agency except to G4S Forensic and Medical Services.
  • When attending a person in Police Custody, there is automatically a doctor/patient relationship. The detained person is entitled to be treated as a patient that is with courtesy and consideration and given the appropriate treatment.
  • It is the duty of the Health Care Professional to ensure that conditions of confinement are suitable and adequate, taking into account periods of sleep and provision of suitable food and drink​
  • When taking the history from a detainee, it must be made clear that no information given can be treated ‘in confidence’. All detainees must be asked to sign the written consent within the medical assessment sheet.
  • Examination of the detainee may only be carried out with full consent and he/she must be told they do not have to be examined and can refuse at any time.
  • In the absence of consent, when required to do so you should record all observations possible and document your findings on a medical assessment form and any other appropriate record. If any refusal to be seen you must also document your findings.
  • The Health Care Professional must not offer threats or promises nor must the matter under investigation be discussed without due consent form the investigating officer.
  • A Health Care Professional is required to conform to the standards of ethical conduct applicable to NMC- HPC guidelines in the United Kingdom and any published guidelines of the association of forensic and legal medicine.
  • Any information acquired by a Health Care Professional concerning the practice, procedures or operation of the Police is to be regarded as confidential and is not to be disclosed to any person who is not a member of, or acting for, the Police.
  • The HCP must inform G4S Forensic and Medical Services immediately if they are under investigation of a crime, under investigation by their professional body or if registration is removed by the professional body.

The Ideal Candidate:

Essential Skills for a Bank Nurse or Bank Paramedic:

  • HCPC Paramedic or Registered General Nurse with at least 2 years post qualification experience
  • Ability to take blood samples
  • Full Driving License and own vehicle
  • Experience in an autonomous/ lone working role
  • Recent Acute experience

As a Bank Nurse or Bank Paramedic, you will:

  • Attend police custody to assess, document and treat detainees and determine fitness to remain in custody
  • Carry out medical and forensic examinations
  • To be available for court attendance when requested


Please note that this vacancy is subject to a minimum 5 year checkable employment and education history including criminal record vetting. To apply for this role, you must be eligible to work in the UK.

This vacancy may close early if sufficient applicants are received.



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