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Are Manager - Witbank , Watloo and Rusternburg Witbank, Watloo and Rusternburg Market Related

Are Manager - Witbank , Watloo and Rusternburg

Location: Witbank, Watloo and Rusternburg |
Salary: Market Related |
Posted: 26 Nov 2018 |
Closes: 26 Dec 2018 |
Job Type: Permanent & Full-time |
Business Unit: South Africa - Secure Solutions |
Region / Division: Africa |
Reference: G4S/TP/3620871/134969

Remuneration and benefits will be commensurate with the seniority of the role and in compliance with company remuneration policy and practice.


Job Introduction:

Protection of client cargo and delivery vehicles (primary focus = client staff; secondary focus = client vehicles and cargo) through operational command and control of escort vehicles.

Role Responsibility:

  • Daily route risk assessment and review in conjunction with the relevant client operational and security staff.
  • Plan and coordinate orders for escorts to PSC; SSC; Cross-Docking.
  • Plan the swapping of vehicles in the field where dynamic escorts are practice (escort vehicle transferring from on delivery vehicle to another);
  • Manage and supervise Escort Team personnel discipline and behaviour, and ensure they are compliant with G4S Policies & Standard Operations Procedures.
  • Conduct daily roll-call off all Escort Team personnel.
  • Inspect Escort Teams to ensure they are dressed, equipped and tactically ready according to requirements before departing G4S Branch premises. (Alcohol tests , use of protective gear , valid drivers licence ,valid firearm competencies , use of right equipment,  weapons, etc .)
  • Inspect Escort Team vehicles to ensure they are roadworthy, fuelled and mission ready before departing G4S Branch premises.
  • Ensure that operational equipment (radios, vehicle tracking, CCTV) of every Escort vehicle is in working order, carried on-board and can communicate with the NCC and vice versa before departing G4S Branch premises.
  • Conduct morning briefings and afternoon debriefings to Escort Team prior to daily missions.
  • Confirm with the NCC all Escort Team staff present, vehicles mission ready, and equipment in working order before departure of the G4S Branch premises.
  • Ensuring that all Escort Teams leave G4S Branch premises in a timely fashion to arrive at  depot at the required time.
  • Confirm with the NCC time of leaving G4S Branch premises.
  • Accompanying the Escort Teams to the Depot.
  • Confirm with the NCC time of arrival at Depot premises.
  • Ensuring that all Escort Teams park in a neat and orderly fashion outside Depot to allow for quick and efficient pairing with delivery vehicles to be escorted.
  • Informing Depot Management   all staff present, vehicles mission ready, and equipment in working order upon arrival.
  • Inspection Escort vehicles with  Depot Management for compliance with agreed service level requirements.
  •  Ensuring that all Escort Teams are quickly and efficiently paired with delivery vehicles to be escorted.
  • Confirm with the NCC once all vehicles have been paired and left with their allocated delivery vehicles.
  • Discuss with Depot Management any issues arising from the previous day.
  • Monitor escort vehicle movements by radio/PPT with the crews and through the NCC.
  • Redeployment of escort vehicles to assist during incidents.
  • Communication with NCC, SAPs, other Emergency Services, and client Depot Managers during incidents.
  • Crime scene management if necessary.
  • Administrative management of G4S Escort Crews and Vehicles at G4S Branch.  (HR; FIN; Training; Fleet Management, Equipment maintenance and repair, etc.) 

The Ideal Candidate:

Knowledge : 

  • Logistics/Fleet management
  • Vehicle Route Planning
  • Escort Vehicle & Crew Operations 
  • G4S Operational Policy and procedures
  • G4S HR Policy and procedures
  • Health and Safety legislation
  • G4S Business Ethics /preventing bribery and corruption
  • Knowledge of Basic Accounting

Skills : 

  • Client Liaison
  • Logistics Route Planning Skills
  • Escort Vehicle & Crew Operational Skills
  • Managing Conflict
  • Communication (Written and Verbal)
  • Negotiation skills
  • Computer literacy – MS Office

Attributes : 

  • Leading People
  • Delivering Performance
  • Working with Complexity
  • Managing Professionally
  • Customer Thinking
  • Collaborating and Co-operating

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