Mohammad Ahmed Al-Shallan Regional Director, Western & Southern, Cash Services, almajal G4S Saudi Arabia

I am Mohammad Ahmed Al-Shallan – Regional Director of Westen & Southern regions in cash services.I am married with ( 7 ) children and had joined the company since 1/9/2005. I have an ex-experience in banking & cash services .

With my colleagues in cash services we have achieved the specified cash divisions goals and have built good customer’s relationship that leads to customer loyalty and retained most of our customers .

As a regional director in cash services I manage the operations of the two namely: Cash in Transit Services (CIT) and Automated Teller Machine (ATM) services in addition to admin & communication activates for the specified regions.

To me I think operational role has not specific standard shift as I am always alert 24/7
I can describe the work atmosphere as Motivation, collaboration, communication & customer orientation.

G4S looking for a person as Talented & self motivated caliber.

A person planning to enjoy  with G4S should have previous experience in this type of work. As dealing with cash movements require good past cash operation experience.

G4S will provide training in planning, budgeting , communication & customer’s focusing programs.

The benefits of working for G4S is good career path, achieving some financial , training goals.

Most enjoy in my job, communication with frontline staff which always leads to good customer services.

After working with the company for more than ( 6 ) years I believe I am part of the company and very loyal.