Ali Al Abdali  Chief of Staff in the Arab Bank, Cash Services, almajal G4S Saudi Arabia

I’m Ali Abdali, I work as ATM replenishment team leader, my ambition is to be one of the finest employee in this company.

I’m working in almajal G4S for more than seven years between security guarding service and cash transit service. The sensitivity of the work we do requires diligence and vigilance and attendance.

Training is useful in terms of development potential and the performance of work as well as the modern methods of training on the kinds of weapons and related security devices.

The company always looking for efficient persons who are committed to working hours and lack of absenteeism and productivity, as well as the persons who keeps the secrets of work.

There are many benefits gained when working for almajal G4S, such as securing the career future, get a good job as well as to gain experience in the field of security as well as access to health insurance for the individual and his family.