Quintin Ridley, Area Supervisor, San Fernando Valley, California.

Quintin Ridley, Area Supervisor, San Fernando Valley, California

Quintin is originally from Miami, Florida, where he graduated from Broward Community College with an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice. He worked for the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice as a Corrections Officer, and at the same time worked as a G4S Custom Protection Officer in an upscale residential community.

In 2010, Quintin’s wife joined the United States Navy and was transferred to California. It was easy for Quintin to transfer because G4S operates across the country, something he couldn’t do with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.

Once in California, he worked as a Custom Protection Officer at a manufacturing facility where he was in charge of controlling access to the facility. He was promoted to area supervisor in 2011. As an area supervisor, Quintin is tasked with scheduling officers and field supervisors.  He is also in charge of training and maintenance of the vehicle fleet.

“I like G4S because it’s full of opportunities. Also, I like the fact that we have 110 offices across the United States, which means I can transfer anywhere I want to go,” he said.