Mr. Parvesh Kumar  -Guard

Some of the premises where my colleagues work as security guards are banks, museums, hospitals, industries, private or government’s offices, nightclubs, and stores.

We are professionals who safeguard and protect people or assets against any kind of attacks and intruders.

As a guard my role is to safeguard, patrol, and monitor any theft or violence in the premises where my duty has been assigned.

The actual duties of a security guard depend on whether he is employed for a static security position or a mobile position. As part of my job profile closely monitors the visitors as well as the property.

My job also includes writing daily reports regarding the activities and disturbances (if any) that occur during my serving period. Such a security report serves as a reference tool for determining possible damages to the client or the company. In case of fire and other emergencies, I call the fire department or other appropriate service providers.

With experience, the security guard is capable of achieve a higher position, like security Inspectors or supervisor. At times, the job profile of a security guard may be dangerous. Hence, while taking a firm decision, one should always consider the duties and responsibilities of security jobs.

I always get appreciation and rewards for my good work at G4S India