Walter Deckert, Site Supervisor. San Antonio, Texas.

Walter Deckert, Area Supervisor, San Antonio, Texas

Walter worked as an Asset Protection Officer for a large retailer for about two years. He then worked with a different security company for about a year, but was not happy because “they were very chaotic in the way they ran things, and I never really saw a lot of potential there.”

He started with G4S in 2010, serving as an Upscale Security Officer and was quickly promoted to Site Supervisor for an upscale residential community in San Antonio, Texas. Walter has been recently promoted to Area Supervisor, where he is responsible for making sure all clients’ security needs are met.

“I love working for G4S … I receive a lot of training to help me develop my career,” Walter said. He has taken many courses from the G4S online training website. “I would really like to make a career with G4S.”

Walter’s advice for anyone looking to be successful with G4S is, “Keep open communication with your superiors, so that you know the next step you need to take.”