Roy Stanifer, Operations Manager, Phoenix, Arizona

Before working for G4S, Roy was a police and fire dispatcher from 1996 to 2005 for the Chandler Police Department in Arizona. From 2005 to 2007, Roy was an Arizona State Police Officer. The skills and training he received as a Law Enforcement Officer have been helpful in his success with G4S.

Roy started with G4S as a Custom Protection Officer® in March 2010, working for one of our clients in the data management business. Roy was promoted after three months to Site Supervisor at the same location, and after another three months applied to become the Area Supervisor for the Phoenix, Arizona, office. In November 2011, Roy was promoted to Operations Manager for the same office.

Roy’s best advice to share with people who want to come into G4S is to, “Make sure you have the desire and the motivation to keep going … with G4S every day you can learn something new, and keep improving yourself.”

“I personally love the company,” Roy said. “There is a family feeling in our office. People definitely care … they want to help you and recognize you when you do something good.”

In the future, I would like to learn as much as I can about the operations side of our business. “I want G4S to be the last stop on my career, I want to retire here,” he added.