Rick Connolly, Senior Vice President of Sales, Jupiter, Florida

Rick Connolly is from New York but grew up in South Florida. He worked for one company for 18 years before coming over to G4S. Right out of college, Rick worked as a recruiter for a large firm. From there, he worked in business development for the company, managing an office, then a region, then a division and ultimately managing a large part of the company itself.

As the Senior Vice President of Sales for G4S, his responsibilities include finding ways to engage and acquire new national accounts, promoting our special programs as well as local business development.

“G4S offers hands down a better solution than anybody else in the market.” There is tremendous opportunity for everyone in this organization,” he said.

The best advice Rick can offer anyone who wants to be successful in this company is simple: “Excel at your current job … live the company’s values and become an ambassador for your company for anyone you come across, and finally go to your boss and ask what else can you do.”