Freddy Brister, Youth Care Worker 2. Tampa, Florida.

Freddy Brister, Youth Care Worker 2, Tampa, Florida 

Freddy went to school for secondary education while he was working for a bank in Tampa, Florida. He was interested in trying something new in his career when a therapist from G4S referred him to G4S Youth Care Services.

Today, Freddy Brister is a Youth Care Worker 2 where he is charged to help with the education and rehabilitation programs in the Columbus Residential Facility in Tampa. Freddy likes to think of himself as a good role model for the young adults that reside in the facility.

“ I love my job  because it’s very satisfying to see the kids that go through the program and progress to become good members of society,” he said.

Freddy would like to become a supervisor and feels there are a lot of different positions where we can apply his skills and experience.