Aisha Moran, Site Supervisor. New Orleans, Louisiana.

Aisha Moran, Site Supervisor, New Orleans, Louisiana

Before working for G4S, Aisha worked for a trucking company but felt unchallenged. She decided to become a Sheriff’s Deputy and worked in a corrections facility. Wanting more stable employment, Aisha turned to private security.

Aisha has been with G4S for five years, starting as a Custom Protection Officer in a community center for victims of Hurricane Katrina. From there, she transferred to a large oil company in a similar role. In 2011, she was promoted to Site Supervisor for a large residential account.

As a site supervisor, Aisha is responsible for making sure the client’s security needs are met. She oversees six guards and three shift supervisors, including their schedules and any other issues within the site.

“I like G4S because they take care of their employees, and the people above me are always interested in helping me,” Aisha said.

She advises people who want to get a job with G4S to, “Be willing to do whatever is needed, let your supervisors know that you are willing to go above and beyond what is required of you. This will get you noticed.”