This article, taken from International Magazine, discusses a new Customer Service contract in Dubai.

A new service that G4S UAE is providing to Dubai International Airport can be summed up in four words: “May I help You?” It’s all about customer service and assisting air passengers in one of the world’s busiest airports.

The Middle East’s aviation hub, Dubai International is currently the fouth busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic and handled a record 47.2 million passengers in 2010. This has already increased in 2011 by an estimated 8.8 per cent. 

The contract provides passengers with the very best in customer service. G4S “MayI Help You?” (MIHY) staff are assisting passengers with a variety of requirements that come with international air travel, such as flight, hotel and general information and assistance.

Commenting on the project at the airport, Ahmed Al Shamali, head of Operations Planning, said, “Acquiring a service partner that understands the demands of an ever-growing international airport and comprehensively meets the high standard of aviation security were key elements in the establishment of this new partnership between Dubai Airports and G4S.”

The contract began with a phased six-month deployment plan which, on completion, saw more than 500 G4S staff operating at Dubai International Airport.

Dave Zack, G4S UAE country manager, commented: “It’s a great privilege for G4S to be partnering with Dubai Airports on this huge MIHY project. Undertaking a contract like this requires a massive amount of teamwork from all of our G4S divisions. Collaboration from our procurement, HR, training and facilities divisions was, and is, essential in providing Dubai Airports with the best integrated solution.”