After extensive searching of the web and continuing with our job seeking theme, here are today’s top tips to help you get hired. 

  • Research!
    Around 70% of your waking day is spent doing your job, so it is important that you like it. By understanding the company and the job you’re more likely to be enthusiastic, which will really come across to an interviewer. Researching the organisation will not only give you a better overview of the company, it will give you an insight to the possible issues facing the organisation which could give you an advantage at interview stage.
  • Practice your answers
    There is no set format that every job interview will follow; however, there are some questions that you can almost guarantee will crop up. There are literally 1000’s of websites listing common interview questions such as this one from
  • Ask questions
    Remember, an interview is a two-way process; the employer is looking to see if you are the right person for the position, but you also need to figure out if the role and company are right for you. Preparing a list of questions you would like to ask that are specific to the position and company you are applying for will show that you have done your homework and are genuinely interested in the job.
  • Never be late
    Time is money. Recruiting managers have to conduct interviews around a tight schedule, which leaves little margin for late interviewees. Plan your route, allow for possible hold up’s and make sure you arrive at least ten minutes before the start of your interview. This helps you to get mentally prepared and will give you the opportunity to read the company’s internal newsletter and swot up on the latest happenings – earning you some brownie points at the same time.
  • Don’t give up hope
    If the thought of hearing yet another “No” makes you want to give up, don’t! Landing a new job won’t happen overnight. Recent studies have shown that every £10,000 you expect to earn takes a month of job searching i.e for a role with a salary of £30,000 you should allow 3 months of job searching, and for a role with a salary of £40,000 you should allow 4 months of job searching and so on.