Security Officer - secuirty officer jobs

At the Victorian Department of Sustainability & Environment we have several operations that need to be carried out. As the building Receptionist, our operators are the first point of call to all DSE staff, patrons and contractors.

We ensure all visitors to DSE are given the right information and direction. We contact staff when visitors arrive.

All incoming mail is scanned, and distributed accordingly.

No unauthorised access is granted to the building. In the event of emergency Security Officers liaise with fire wardens and assist with evacuation.

In the control room we are responsible for all access control, CCTV monitoring and alarm response. We are responsible for all swipe cards and keys. We are responsible for all Radio communication and Issuing Photo ID.

We liaise with all Emergency services during business and after hours. We are responsible for patrolling and ensuring the safe operations of the building. We conduct welfare checks to other sites. We conduct VIP escorts. We are responsible for the loading and car park bays ensuring staff can park safely and deliveries are received.

Billie Richter

Department of Sustainability & Environment Security Officer