Prisoner Transport Officer - transport officer jobs

A day in the life of a Prisoner Transport Officer

It’s 6 am and the depot is alive with 40 Transport Officers all starting their day. After finding out the day’s destination and a full vehicle pre-departure check, it is time to hit the road.

Travelling with a partner at all times we have been given a transport from Prison to a Police Station for a court appearance. Upon arrival the pick up process is completed and the prisoner is loaded. Once the prisoner is on board constant welfare checks are completed by the crew on the prisoner while travelling. Specially designed trucks allow us to stay in contact with prisoners, for their safety and security.

Upon arrival at the Police station police staff assist us in unloading the prisoner into their cells. And we have completed the drop.

This process can be repeated up to 5 times a day and can be at any prison, police station or court in Victoria.

So whether it is moving 24 prisoners from one prison to another, or it is carrying a prisoner the 7 hours a Melbourne facility to Mildura, nothing beats life on the road!

Michael Douglas

Prisoner Transport Officer