Financial Controller

I joined G4S as a Financial Accountant on the 17 October 2005. In my role of Financial Accountant, I have implemented critical internal controls and procedures to make the accounting and audit processes more efficient. I also achieved the shortest period in which the external auditors had finished their audit for the year ended 31 December 2007. After two and a half years in the financial accounting role I was promoted to Senior Financial Accountant. In my role of Senior Financial Accountant, my responsibilities grew three fold.

I had three staff reporting directly to me. The challenges I faced as a Senior Financial Accountant made me aware of issues beyond the finance department and into the operational side of the business. These challenges included communicating with the operations directors and making them aware of issues that were affecting their results, as well as building rapport with the General Managers and also our external auditors and tax advisors. In 201, during the Support Office restructure after a very intense interview process I was successfully appointed as the Financial Controller. If I thought the Senior Financial Accounting role was threefold, well the Financial Controller role was tenfold.

I now have a team of eleven direct reports. The finance team is one of the largest teams in the Support Office. We are also always keen to help anyone who needs our assistance as advisors in our areas of expertise.

My positive attitude and drive for success has been a key factor in the accomplishments I have achieved today in both my professional and personal life. I have a hands-on approach to my role and working with my team and the greater team of G4S. From the variety of industries I have worked in over the past 15 years, I have gained sound accounting knowledge and expertise.  The variety of roles that I have held, has made me an excellent team player, and has helped me build a strong personality and an ability to deal with any situation. It has given me a positive attitude to all aspects of life.

I enjoy working for G4S as it has recognised my skills and positive attitude, and has rewarded me accordingly. G4S has also given me the opportunities to be able to work on projects that required me to stretch beyond my skills and experience.  It has provided me with resources, training and the right tools to able to perform my roles in an effective manner.

Shobana Mani

Financial Controller