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G4S always takes care to employ the best people, develop their competence and encourage them to live our values.

We are committed to investing in the skills and capabilities of our people and providing structured career paths, training and development to enable employees to achieve their full potential.


At G4S we believe that employees with potential to progress should be identified and given encouragement to undergo training and personal development which will prepare them for promotion and/or greater responsibilities.

Staff wishing to develop their employment within the company, and who are prepared to make personal investment in terms of time and effort, are encouraged and supported by the company in acquiring additional skills and qualifications.

Case Study: Lesley Warmington, Project Accountant, SPV management.

Lesley joined G4S as a temp in March 2006. She was employed to carry out ledger admin work in the SPV team. When she joined the company she had some limited experience in ledger work and accountancy. She had also begun studying for an AAT (Associate of Accounting Technicians) qualification and had completed the foundation level.


After three months Lesley was made a permanent member of the SPV team, continuing with admin work as a Band One employee. She was enrolled on an ACCA course (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) with G4S covering the full cost of the course. Lesley was employed on a full time basis but her contract specified that a certain number of days per year must be spent in the office with the remainder available for study time at college. Study time was intense block leave which was only possible thanks to the support of the company.

After one year she had completed the first part of the course and was halfway through the second part. She was promoted to a Band Two role and started to get involved in management accounting, with responsibility for 4 companies.

The ACCA course usually takes 3-4 years to complete. Lesley qualified in 2.5 years.

“It would have been impossible to do it in that time without the support of G4S and time out of the office”.

Career Development

Lesley qualified in February 2009. She is now part of the management team and manages the accounts for seven SPV companies and attends board meetings to report on financial performances, working with some of our most influential shareholders.

“I’m lucky enough to manage the accounts for some fantastic projects, including IAS Plc, the Joint Venture company for our contract at GCHQ [pictured].”


Throughout her traning Lesley has received lots of support from her department. Her line manager, Kathryn Haynes has acted as a mentor, providing advice and support.

“Everyone has been great, helping me with my work when I am busy with exams and covering while I revise”

Continuous development

“There are Continuous Professional Development requirements for my ACCA qualification.”

Lesley and the rest of the team attend national seminars with auditors like PriceWaterhouseCoopers on a regular basis, keeping up to speed with tax developments and accounting treatments.

Lesley is enjoying her new role (and a break from studying). She is not sure what she wants to do in the future but would consider further training if it suited her development and helped her to do her job

“For now I’m concentrating on making sure I have a really good grasp of the companies I am managing and consolidating all that I’ve learnt so far”.

“It has been fantastic – probably the best career move I have ever made. I would never have thought that I would be where I am now and really it is thanks to G4S and the support I’ve had from the company and my department that I am where I am now”

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