G4S Deputy Team Leader Risk Management

As part of our Risk Management division, Deputy Team Leaders work on High and Low profile PSD (Personal Security Detail) missions in complex and hazardous environments around the world.

Join us in this area, and you’ll be responsible for the smooth running of the PSD and will be required to apply sound leadership principles and judgement at all times. You’ll be commanding and controlling the PSD and ensuring that your team leaders are adequately informed, skilled, equipped and supervised to conduct their duties safely.

Working in line with the host nation’s legal requirements and regulations – as well as our own standard operating procedures – you’ll build positive relationships with your team and coach, mentor and motivate your team members, giving them the confidence to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work.

Having experience of working in hostile environments and with multi national personnel, your background in the military and commercial field experience will mean you are well able to plan and execute PSD missions. You will also be trauma medic trained and able to provide first person on scene emergency medical assistance.

Personal integrity, diligence and resilience is all-important and completion of a recognised PSD course and commercial field experience in the private security industry would be an advantage.