As part of our Risk Management division, Communications Technicians are responsible for all technical matters regarding the communications equipment and systems currently in use to support customer missions in complex and hazardous environments around the world.

Efficient communications platforms are vital to the successful operation of our contracts and as Communication Technician you will be an essential part in delivering that service. You’ll have Security Clearance (SC) and will have strong IT networking skills and 1st and 2nd line technical skills.

Working in line with the host nation’s legal requirements and regulations – as well as our own standard operating procedures – you’ll work closely with the Communication Manager, the customer, Military, and Police within both the location of your work and the UK.

Having experience of working in hostile environments is essential as you will be required to travel to out stations and locations within your area of operation, as well as work with multi national personnel and local suppliers in the resolution of technical issues.

Diligence, resilience, attention to detail and an ability to work under pressure are all important and commercial experience in the private security industry would be an advantage.