Kirstie Finch

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G4S always takes care to employ the best people, develop their competence and encourage them to live our values.

We are committed to investing in the skills and capabilities of our people.


At G4S we believe that employees with potential to progress should be identified and given encouragement to undergo training and personal development which will prepare them for promotion and/or greater responsibilities.

We are committed to investing in the skills and capabilities of our people and providing structured career paths and appropriate training and development to enable employees to achieve their full potential.

Staff wishing to develop their employment within the company, and who are prepared to make personal investment in terms of time and effort, are encouraged and supported by the company in acquiring additional skills and qualifications.

Case Study: Kirstie Finch, IT Project Coordinator, Business Systems.

Kirstie joined the company in May 2005. She originally worked as an IT Services Administrator, carrying out general administration and procurement for the IT department.

One of the accounts Kirstie dealt with in her procurement duties was Cable & Wireless who provide our communications infrastructure. She “wanted to understand what we were ordering and why, and understand the process from start to finish.”

Her interest in the infrastructure and systems we use was recognised and, a couple of years later Kirstie joined the Project team in an IT Project Support role. She moved away from procurement and into a project environment. She retained the Cable & Wireless account, but her role expanded from just placing orders to attending service review meetings, taking control when problems arose and solving them.

In her new role Kirstie gained more hands-on project experience. She was involved in bidding for projects and worked with the systems architects, documenting solution design. When G4S won a bid she was involved in project mobilisation.


In this role Kirstie was offered additional training to aid her development. She was enrolled on a ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) course which covers IT service management and teaches processes that can be adopted and adapted to any work environment.

She showed enthusiasm for project management and attended a Prince2 Foundation Course. Both these courses took place over 3 days, following which she had homework and preparation for exams. G4S covered the cost of the training courses, and allowed Kirstie time out of the office to attend the courses and examination days.

Career Development

Kirstie’s goal was to move from an IT Project Support role to an IT Project Coordination role. She was put on a two year fast track development path, which involved 6 monthly reviews in which targets were set for her. She was promoted in July 2008 and her current role, IT Project Coordinator, involves a lot more hands-on project work.

Kirstie is now responsible for managing the IT and communications infrastructure during project mobilisations. She has worked on a number of projects, and is currently working on one of our flagship projects – the Criminal Courts Complex in Dublin.

“Being asked to work on the Dublin project really was an honour.”

Working on this important project is also a great learning experience. Kirstie is responsible for the infrastructure for this large and complex project. She has also had the chance to look at some of the systems being implemented. Although not within her job role, this is an excellent opportunity to broaden her experience and branch out. Kirstie is grateful for the support she has received from the team.

“In the last six months – since getting more involved in projects – I have learnt a lot. I am working with some really good people and they have given me a lot of advice.”

Future Aspirations

Kirstie would like to become a qualified project manager. Eventually she would like to achieve Prince2 practitioner level but for now she is concentrating on gaining experience, and enjoying her successes to date.

“When I look back to when I first joined four years ago, to get where I am now, I think I have achieved a great amount.”

“I’ve worked in a few places and always wanted to step up the ladder but you never get the chance. When I came here I wanted to develop my career and there was always an open door. I am very grateful for the support I’ve received and the opportunities to develop.”

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