Senior ATM Planner

(Standard Chartered)

Next time you draw money from a cash machine, spare a thought for the planners whose behind-the-scenes job is to ensure the ATM you visit is working and can provide you with money whenever you need it.

If you happen to bank with Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) in Hong Kong, the person who shoulders that responsibility is 39-year-old Jacky Chan Ho Chong, G4S’s senior planner on the contract.

Each day, Jacky Chan and his team oversee the management of SCB’s entire estate of machines, including cash replenishment of ATMs, collections from the bank’s cash deposit machines (CDMs) and the maintenance work that is necessary to keep them functioning at optimum levels.

He knows everything there is no know about cash transportation and ATM servicing, having joined G4S in 1995 as a crew member on an armoured vehicle. Since then, he has worked his way up, level by level, to his present position.

His love for the work he does at G4S for the last 14 years is beyond question and with such a positive approach to life and work, it’s likely that Jacky Chan may still have a few more rungs on the career ladder to climb.