A day in the life working at a Secure Training Centre.

Hi, my name is Steve and I work at one of Rebound’s Secure Training Centres. Our centre accommodates sentenced and remanded boys and girls whose ages range from 12 to 17 years of age.

I’ve been working at the centre for almost three years now, excluding an initial training programme of seven weeks that I had to attend (and pass) before I started work. The training covers many topics such as the Children’s Act, challenging behaviour, bereavement and diversity and it’s a solid base on which to develop. As the training got nearer to finishing, we were really looking forward to going on the living units and working with the young people (the official term for the boys and girls at the centre).

When the day came to start working in the centre, it was a relief when the team members all reminded us that they remembered the feeling of being ‘the new staff member’. We spent time shadowing more experienced staff and quickly got to know the centre routines.

As a member of staff, I’m here to support and encourage the young people, helping them in education when needed and also in the living units, encouraging them to care for their personal appearance and complete their daily tasks. The centre has a strict routine and it’s part of my job to motivate the young people to abide by the rules. Sometimes it can be a little challenging, so plenty of initiative and good interpersonal skills are really important.

I enjoy seeing the young people achieving goals that they set for themselves, whether it’s a physical challenge in PE, being enthusiastic and compliant during education or completing their chores. It all helps them to build a sense of respect for both themselves and other people.

The sense of satisfaction I get when one of the young people says thank you after I’ve helped them to achieve something is fantastic and it makes my job really worthwhile. The best thing about working here is that you cannot say ‘a day in the life of…’ because no two days are the same!

“Working with some of the most difficult young people in the country is a challenge that I thrive on. It keeps me on my toes which is the kind of energy I try to pass on to the young people.”

Steve Baxter
Training Centre Assistant

Training Centre Assistant & Secure Care Officer | About the job

No two days are the same. You’ll come into contact with young people from all walks of life on a daily basis as well as liaising with other Rebound colleagues and members of the public.

Are you the person we’re looking for?

As part of a committed team of people from all sorts of backgrounds, you will be a non-judgmental, flexible and compassionate team player with life experience. Your role as a guide, mentor and carer will support the young people, assisting them to make everyday choices whilst learning social and life skills that will help them break the cycle of crime.

We’re not saying it will be easy; they can be unpredictable, difficult and even confrontational. With clearly defined boundaries, your excellent communication and interpersonal skills, patience and decisiveness coupled with the ability to build relationships based on trust will help them to achieve their potential.

What will I be doing?
  • Advising, caring for and providing a stable environment for the young people
  • Demonstrating to the young people the value of education and care coupled with the ability to develop skills and change their behaviour, whilst encouraging them not to re-offend when released
  • Building mutual trust and respect with the young people so that they respond appropriately to information and guidance
  • Defining structures and boundaries for the young people so that they understand the behaviour expected of them
  • Monitoring the behaviour of the young people to avoid incidents and improve standards of behaviour
Frequently asked questions

What are the working hours?
Hours are based on shift patterns which cover 24 hours a day. Depending on the position you’ve applied for your working hours will usually be between 35 and 40 hours per week.

Will I be working with the same people all the time?
At the Secure Training Centre you will work as part of a team to deliver a high quality service. Working closely with other Rebound colleagues including healthcare, education and psychology staff there will also be external agencies such as social workers and Youth Justice Board personnel.

Do I need previous experience in this type of work?
We welcome applications from people from a variety of backgrounds who have life experience and a common sense approach. Your positive attitude and motivation is essential and our training programme is designed to equip you with the skills needed for the job as well as practical experience.

What training will I receive?
You will attend our comprehensive Home Office approved Initial Training Course (ITC) which covers skills such as communication, security, first aid and Physical Control in Care (PCC). The ITC is followed by shadow training where you will be paired with an experienced colleague in order to gain practical experience in all aspects of the job.

What will my job title be?

Rebound currently manages three Secure Training Centres (STCs) in the UK, so your job title will be either Training Centre Assistant or Secure Care Officer, depending on which STC you work at. The job titles are different because of the way that the contracts operate, however both roles are exactly the same.

What are the benefits of working for Rebound?
We invest heavily in our people and offer benefits that you would expect from a large quality organisation including generous holiday entitlement, life assurance, company pension, sick pay scheme, comprehensive training, career development and a uniform.