Operations Manager,

Statoil, Norway

Most people choose the career they wish to follow and work hard to achieve that ambition. In the case of Magne Bakke, however, the security industry chose him. What was meant to be just a temporary job while he studied sales and marketing has blossomed, 11 years later, into a very promising career with G4S.

Magne, 36, is now G4S Secure Solutions (Norway)’s operations manager on its huge Statoil contract. What’s more, he’s enjoying every aspect of his demanding role, providing security solutions for the largest operator on the Norwegian continental shelf, accounting for 60 per cent of the total production. It is ranked the world’s 13th largest oil and gas company in revenue terms.

Based at Bergen, Magne has three G4S team leaders reporting to him and between them they control close on 200 security officers whose duties range from access control to patrolling and everything in between.
Having taken over the contract in May 2009, G4S has established with Statoil new standards and skills for all officers employed on the contract, and Magne is already on the second level of management training.

G4S is, he says, a company that offers tremendous opportunities for those prepared to work to achieve their goals. And, Magne adds, it has providded him with more opportunities than he would have had working for his own company.